5 Exciting places to ring in the #NewYear with gusto!

The last days of the year are always full of excitement! The festivities start with Christmas and the fervor continues till the New Year. This is one time of the year when the entire world comes together to celebrate, as opposed to celebrating festivals that are unique to a specific country or religion.

New Year eve is the day to let go of all the negativity that you may have encountered in the current year and start afresh..a whole new beginning. It’s like a new beginning towards your own personal and professional promises, one more time, as if someone has given a fresh new perspective to your life.

Here are the five coolest places across the globe where you can ring in the New Year with gusto. The prerequisite for it, of course would be to carry enough forex to not let money come in the way of your enjoyment. We recommend a trusted forex provider like BookMyForex to provide you with the best currency exchange rates for your trip, since it sorts the quotes on offer from all the forex vendors in your vicinity and pick the best rate for your transaction.


  • Edinburgh, Scotland: The annual Hoganay celebration is a sight to watch! There are musical acts and traditional ceilidh dancing through the streets and fireworks that set off at midnight. There is plenty to keep you busy throughout the day like a run down the Royal Mile, the Loony Dook Parade and the dog sledding competition.
  • Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong: Midnight fireworks at the Victoria Harbour attracts many visitors and locals and tourists party around the Pearl of the Orient for being able to witness the ball drop from the Hong Kong Times Square and the huge digital countdown at the Two International Finance Center.
  • South Lake Tahoe, California: If you love music, this is the place to be for you. The Snow Globe Music Festival witnesses EDM artists from around the globe. Gyrate on the music as you and other music lovers across the world ring in the New Year.
  • London, England: Stand on the banks of Thames River and see the countdown of the Big Ben with over 2,50,000 fellow visitors. There are costume parties, dance parties, parades and much more that begin during the day on 31st and the merry-making continues till the New Year day.
  • Vienna, Austria: If you are in the life stage that you do not like crowds and partying, yet want to make your New Year enjoyable, then Vienna is the place for you. There are balls, musical concerts and symphonies that will truly blow your mind away.

So, choose your destination for this New Year’s eve  and earmark your destination for the years to come. Make sure the party never ends!

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