10 Scholarships in Foreign Universities for Indians Students

Studying abroad for an Indian student or any student from a developing country, is an expensive dream. Even if you do belong to a well-off family, it still is a hassle to come up with that big fat tuition fee cheque. Most of the top universities are in the West and the currency of these countries is valued highly. When this highly valued currency is exchanged/converted to Indian one, the numbers look exaggerated but they are true. So, students look towards getting a scholarship. Getting a scholarship in student-life is a great achievement and that too from a foreign country especially matters. Several countries from across the globe offer scholarship to Indian students on different parameters. In fact, most of the Scholarships are offered for masters and PhD programmes, but of late lots of scholarships are offering for the undergraduate studies as well.

So BookMyForex—India’s first and the largest online marketplace for currency exchange and international remittances—has listed ten popular scholarships for the Indian Students.

  1. Tata Scholarship – Cornell University, New York State, USA

Tata Education and Development Trust offer Tata Scholarship to support approximately 20 scholars from India in collaboration with Cornell University. The scholarship is awarded annually and recipients will receive the scholarship for the duration of their undergraduate studies at Cornell University. The university received a $25 million endowment from the Tata Trust. Ratan Tata is a Cornell trustee. Tata Group is one of India’s oldest, largest, and most respected business establishment. The recipient must be a citizen of India and have attended secondary school in India and they are admitted to Cornell as an undergraduate student and be eligible for need-based financial aid.

2. INDIA 4EU II – Europe

India4EU II provides scholarships to students, researchers, and teachers from India to study, do research, or teach at one of the European Universities it is associated with. The initiative is well-funded. Under the scholarship programme,  all the tuition fees, living expenses, travel costs and insurance is covered by India4EU II.

3.Bradman Foundation Scholarship – University of Wollongong, Australia.

Each year the University of Wollongong in association with Bradman Foundation offers the UOW Bradman Scholarship to one undergraduate student from India. It is open to both males and females and is given for the duration of the Scholar’s undergraduate program. It offers a 50% tuition fee reduction. The Applicant must be an Indian citizen and have a club or higher level of participation in the sport of cricket with minimum academic requirements.

4 .Huawei Maitree Scholarship Program -China

This scholarship was initiated by Huawei, the Chinese multinational networking & telecommunications equipment and services company to help Indian undergraduate and graduate students, to pursue higher studies in China. 10 scholarships are provided every year to a selected few Indian students for undergraduate and PG studies in China.
It gives the students opportunity to study various post graduate and graduate courses in science and technology, social and culture studies and programs related to development.

5. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships – Cambridge University, England, UK

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship aims to support students from India to study at St John’s College, Cambridge. There are numbers of scholarships. The applicants must be able to demonstrate leadership quality and must be living in India with a valid Indian passport, and below 35 years of age. The scholarships can be applied to any undergraduate course except – medicine and veterinary science. They cover everything, i.e. living expenses, tuition and college fees, and an additional grant for travel expenses.

7. Fulbright Foreign Student Program -the USA

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program gives the opportunity to graduate students, young professionals, and artists from abroad to study and conduct research in USA universities or other academic institutions. The scholarships also awarded for non-degree postgraduate studies. Under the Scholarship grant covers tuition fee, a living stipend, textbooks, health insurance and airfare Annually 1,800 scholarships are awarded.

8.Inlaks Scholarships- USA and Europe

It gives an opportunity to young people with exceptional talent in any field to broaden their horizon abroad and improve their skills as to work in society. There are two types of Scholarship – University courses and Specific programs. The Scholarships are opened to all Indian citizens with a degree from a recognised university in India. The candidates must have a scored well in their undergraduate degree from a recognised university. They must be employed somewhere or studying in India.

9. Melbourne – India PG Scholarship -Australia

The university of Melbourne offers International PG (Postgraduate) Scholarship from international students planning to pursue a full-time postgraduate coursework programme of study at the university. The scholarship is for both graduates and undergraduates in different branches like – science, commerce, and arts. The selection is done based on the academic merit.

10. Hubert-Humphrey Scholarships -the UK

A.S.Hornby Educational Trust offers Hubert-Humphrey Scholarships for study in the UK.  The Scholarships are awarded every year to English Language Teachers (ELT) from outside Britain to study for Masters in ELT at the University of Warwick. The scholarship funds study on the one-year Masters in ELT at the University of Warwick. Under the scholarships, students’ costs in the UK including a monthly stipend to cover accommodation, living expenses, return air tickets, tuition fees, visa and IELTS test cost are covered.

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