5 Tips on How to Travel the World Within a Year

Travelling gives a high that few other things can parallel. Ask avid travelers and they will confess the joy that traveling brings to them. So much so that some leave their jobs, some take a sabbatical and some explore the world by living in different countries and working there for some years of their life.


The concept of traveling around the world may seem like a complex and expensive proposition, but there are many who have ‘been there, done that’. Here are some tips from the seasoned travelers who will guide you as to how should you go about the planning your year long world trip:

  • Choosing your destinations: This is the most difficult aspect of beginning the travel. It is better to start with a known destination that you may have visited earlier so that the beginning does not spring up any rude surprises. From there on, you can chart out the countries across the continents that you may want to visit and keep this list ready.
  • Look for connections: If you are a budget traveler, then you will have to look for cheap options of travel. Look for train connections, road trips within neighboring countries and always take flights from places where connectivity is high.

For instance, if you start from India, then you can take the road to Nepal, move over to Tibet by road/train and then reach Beijing by train. From there, you can plan your further travel. Reduce your air travel as much as possible and look for connections between cities and continents.

  • Pack light: Since you are traveling around the world, you must not carry anything more than just a backpack. All you need to pack is some quick-dry clothes, a towel, a camera, some essential medicines, and toiletries. Anything else that you may need would be available locally and you must not plan for exigencies at this time.
  • Choose accommodation wisely: If you are traveling alone, do not pre-book your hotels. Once you reach your destination, look for cheap hotel options or hostels that are meant for backpackers. You will save a major chunk of your money if you do this.
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